There is no doubt that you will consume sweets such as chocolate, chewing gum and caramel to help you feel more relaxed and energetic. Aside from a cup of coffee, a sip of chocolate bar is the best way to energize before you start working for eight hours. The instant sugar rush is the highlight of the day and you’ll feel better in seconds.

However, the desire for sugar can be very difficult to control. As the grocery cart and fridge are full of chocolates, you start to notice that you are buying more sweets than usual. It makes it difficult for you to stick to your healthy diet and ruins your plan to enter a better lifestyle for your well-being.

Here at Ichance Suites, I would like you to enjoy pudding and sweets every time you enter the store. On the other hand, we want to make sure that your chocolate luxury is still in control. The method is as follows

Eat a healthy diet

It’s important to remember that hunger can be different from hunger. When you crave sweets, it doesn’t mean it’s your body’s way of telling you that you’re hungry. Often, it’s anxious for some form of reward, so your brain is just fooling you.

This is especially true when your thirst is combined with extreme hunger, making it difficult to resist temptation. So, if this happens to you, try to eat a healthy and satisfying diet. Fill your kitchen with healthy ingredients. That way you have other options that will not compromise your health. 


If you feel that your thirst for sugar is starting to strike again, take a walk and distract yourself. Instead of focusing too much on your thirst, find something that can captivate you from things. You can watch movies, play video games, talk to your friends and not give up right away. 

In addition, taking a walk serves as a great way to exercise. It helps release endorphins, a kind of soothing brain chemical that can suppress your sugar cravings.

Go to cold turkey

If you want to completely reduce your hunger for sugar, it’s best to go to a cold turkey. Cut off all the sugar in your diet and prepare carefully so that you don’t want any sweets. However, be prepared for the worst, as the situation can be harsh during the first 48-72 hours.

Some people have proven that going to cold turkey can ultimately help reduce your sugar cravings after a few days. Others have also found that this method helped them become unsatisfied with sweets in the long run. 

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